Summer biking

Summer is here and there are a lot of bicycling activities to note!  The Coop is busy keeping up with demand of checkout bikes.  We are always on the lookout for quality bikes to put back out on the streets and/or trails of Dubuque!  Looking to get involved in the community?  Want to learn more about bike mechanics, advocacy or just want to get to know your neighbors?  Come on down to the Coop!  If you have some bikes collecting dust in the garage or would like to volunteer at the Coop, drop us a line at or stop by during one of our shop nights (Tuesday/Thursday/Friday from 6-8ish PM).

RAGBRAI is also around the corner… with the numerous organized rides, lots of folks enjoying a relaxing jaunt around town, more people commuting by bike to work or just a quick trip to pick up a carton of eggs at the Dubuque Food Co-op, there are a lot more bicycles sharing the road.  If you are a bicyclist, please make sure that you are obeying all traffic laws and riding safe and staying visible.  If you are driving a car, please slow down and give plenty of space.  We all have a right to be on the roads and need to respect each other.  Be kind and ride safe!

Last, but not least, remember that everything is better on a bike.  Everything.  Have a great summer!


Your friends at the Coop

Thank you, Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque!

Dubuque likes smoothies—especially when the blender is powered by a bike! Thanks for voting us “most creative nonprofit booth” at the Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque Second Annual Community Block Party! The iPad mini will help us at our bike checkouts! Think spring, Dubuque—and get those bikes ready! It’s going to be a great year to be on a bike!

Bike-powered blender

Our bike-powered blender serving up delicious smoothies!

Dubuque Bike Coop

The Dubuque Bike Coop is a non-profit community bike project.  We are located at 2206 Central Ave. in Dubuque, Iowa.  Currently, our hours are Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings from 6-9 PM.  While this website is being constructed, please check us out at our Facebook page.  Thanks for stopping by! You can also email us at