How do you operate?

We accept any and all bicycle-related items.  Donated bikes go into one of three streams:  the first is our “checkout fleet”.  These are bike-shop quality bikes that our volunteers tune up and make available for public use (see corresponding FAQ).  Bikes that are in decent shape but are more of the department store variety are tuned up and passed on to other nonprofit organizations within our community for use by people in need.  Any donated bikes that do not fall into one of the aforementioned streams are stripped of useable parts and then recycled.

We have a large stock of used parts and accessories for sale to the public at very reasonable prices.  We often have “vintage” and hard to find items for that sweet project bike you have in your living room.

We have formal and informal maintenance and repair clinics throughout the year and will post these on this website or on our Facebook page.  During our public hours, our shop is open to the public for rent-a-bench.  We also have a mobile bike repair station that we pedal to local community events to perform safety checks.

We also advocate for new or improved bicycle infrastructure in the Dubuque area and promote bicycling as a fun and viable means of transportation.

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