I love what you all do for the community… is there anything I can do to help you all out?

Absolutely!  First, you can ride your bike!  We hear from a lot of folks this vicious rumor that there are some small hills in the area… we call them speed bumps.  In all seriousness, biking is a great way to get around town whether for fun, fitness, commuting to work, or simply rolling downtown to the farmers’ market!  The hills are challenging, but there is no shame about walking your bike up the hill – and if you keep at it, you will eventually ride all the way up (even 3rd St!), which is a fantastic accomplishment – and then you can tell all the other mortals, “meh… Dubuque’s hills aren’t that bad.”  We are working with local governments to designate more bike routes in the area.  The Jule (city bus service) also has bike racks on the front of all buses.

Secondly, you can help spread the word about our work and our mission.  We are here to help and the more connects we have within the community the more we can do just that.

Last but not least, you can VOLUNTEER!  We are always looking for volunteers to help the organization run smoothly.  Opportunities include: mechanics, website/social media, community outreach, bookkeeping/organization.  Contact us for more details.