What is a “checkout” bike?

“Bike-shop quality” bikes that are tuned-up by our volunteers are available to the public for checkout.  The way this works is a patron can stop in and browse our available fleet.  If there is a bike that suits the patron’s needs and is a relatively good fit, they may check the bike out for up to three months.  This is done by filling out a simple form, showing a valid ID and paying a set deposit (typically between $75 and $200, depending on the bike).  The bike may be returned anytime within the three-month checkout period and the deposit minus a $25 shop fee and any damages beyond normal wear-and-tear will be returned to the patron within a couple of weeks by check via USPS.  If the bike is not returned in the three-month checkout period, the patron takes over full-ownership and forfeits the full deposit.